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So, we've decided to mutually follow one another, eh? Fantastic! :D I hope you have fun and enjoy the interaction. Some things you may or may not know going in:
  • I don't post consistently. While I'm trying to work on posting at least once a week, I can't always promise this. Having stated several times already, my life is really routine and I'm very introverted on top of having mild SAD. I don't often go socializing in public unless it's with the bestie. Most of my socializing is done online and that probably says something about me. XD
  • I may or may not talk about Second Life.
  • I may or may not talk about role-playing (the writing sort, not the table top sort even though I have played table top in the past). If you like to role-play, let me know! I can link to my CDJ on IJ and maybe we can do something?
Uh... I think that's it? Oh! If you want to be included in a particular fandom circle, let me know. I hate being spoiled and I don't want to inadvertantly spoil anyone by discussing events in a show we mutually watch. Right now I have a GoT circle, although I have not been particularly consistent in posting about the show these last few weeks. XD Some circles I'm thinking of creating:
  • Haven
  • Graceland
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Penny Dreadful*
  • ... And others when I think of them
*I recently created a DW comm for Penny Dreadful if you want to join, but it looks, well... dreadful at the moment (pun intended?). XP Anyway, here is a link to the comm: [community profile] pennydreadfultv
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