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So, so tempted to do this with Robert. Or Elijah. But mostly Robert.
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 *sighs* I'm sorry, but the answer to my question did not help me in the least and honestly, it's not going to help you in the long run and it will affect the scene we are writing together. If I don't have a goal to aim toward, it could potentially go on forever and I'm already finding this current to be tedious. The apology for the characters has already been made, there is really nothing else to be done but I can't come up with a satisfactory conclusion without some direction. While I am all for "winging it" scenes, sometimes they simply just aren't called for and, additionally, you're the one that needed the distraction tonight, not me. I sympathize with your reasons, but thinking and discussing about writing for our characters will get your mind off the issue you need distraction from.

... Man, sometimes I feel like I'm really insensitive. :\ I hate that I vented about someone that I have a good relationship with and are having a temporary problem. However, my vexations is a result of something that occurs repeatedly and I'm just... venting my frustration. :\

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Excluding the posts I need to tag back--because I'm well aware that's all on me--I give up trying to get people to tag the scenes I'm in with them. You wanna play with me, feel free to contact me because I'm tired of expending the energy to get people to do something they're obviously "not in the mood" to do. /rant
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I frequently say that I'm only human, I also realize you are, too. However, while it would be super cool if I had special abilities like Sookie Stackhouse, Daniel Corrigan, Sean Kavanagh, or a number of the other characters in the game, I don't have physic abilities. I can't read your mind or sense if you have an issue with something regarding the game whether it be IC, OOC, or something on the Mod journal unless you tell me. If you have an issue with privacy, tell me immediately. If you have an issue with another player, tell me right away. If you have any issue with anything regarding the community, tell me immediately. I can't do anything about the issue unless I'm made aware of it. Now, I can't always promise that I can do something about your issue, but I will always do my best to try. But, I can't unless I know there's a problem. Comprendre?

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