Apr. 3rd, 2014

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About five or so years ago, I was much more into gaming than I am currently. But, with drifting away from some RL friends, my interest in gaming has waned because the social aspect of gaming is no longer there and there is only so much level grinding one can take from an MMO. In my opinion, once you've played an MMO, they're rarely ever (truly) different from one another. Plus, there is the fact that I'm simply not good at playing MMO's cuz I'm never "in the know" about all the good stuff to get. XD However, I've (somewhat) recently learned that a good online friend of mine is very much into gaming! She mostly play PC games through Steam. I knew of another friend through Second Life who was on Steam, but as I said, my interest in games was not very high so I was not on Steam very often.

However, all that changed last night when I watched previously-mentioned-friend play The Wolf Among Us. The neat thing about technology today is the ability to share screens via Skype or, in this case, Google Hangouts. The quality between the shared screens wasn't that great, but I didn't really expect it to be. Still, I could tell the aesthetic of the game was marvelous and wonderful and the best thing that I loved about the game was knowing that it was a game adaptation based on Vertigo's Fables series. That alone got me interested again and, after some struggles to get Steam up and running once more, I added a bunch of games to my Wishlist. However, while searching there was a game in particular that caught my eye.

While reading the short description about Gray Matter, the thought that quickly went through my mind was, Gabriel Knight... Gabriel Knight, why does that name sound familiar? And then it hit me. I remember the friend I had drifted away from showing me, briefly, the game she owned for her PC about it (and she had talked about it) so recalling that got me very, very excited. So excited, in fact, that after I had put it on my Wishlist, I went back and bought it for myself when I shouldn't have, XD. Plus, there was the fact that it was on sale for $7.99 vs. it's regular price of $9.99 and while my friend mentioned Steam has a summer sale in July... I really couldn't wait that long, lol. Honestly, however? I do not have one bit of buyer's remorse once I got the graphics issue sorted out. Even with my old machine from 2007 (yes, 2007), and a low setting for quality (but medium for rendering), I get this:

Exterior - Dread Hill House

Back Exterior - Dread Hill House

Honestly, I am absolutely amazed at the quality but maybe that's because I have low expectations when it comes to my machine? XD Anyway, to (finally!) get to the entire point of why I'm writing all this. I'm going to try and briefly (or in great detail, depending) write about my progress with the game and lend my opinion as I go along, etc., etc. So... that's that. I'll put the rest of this post under a cut since I don't want to take up more space on people's reading pages, XD.

Gray Matter: Chapter 1 (Note: Image Heavy!) )

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