Apr. 6th, 2014

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Cut to save people from a mini-vent )

Now, in better news, I added more titles to MAL and I wanted to take the time to explain the various sections. Completed and Dropped kind of explain themselves, I think, XD. I either completed watching the series or movie, or I dropped it. On-Hold anime refers to anime that I was watching, but put on hold for one reason or another. At one point I got into watching anime via fansubs while a series was actually airing in Japan versus waiting to see if a series got licensed for here in the States. So, a lot of the time there would be waiting and because of that I'd end up forgetting to complete a series before it got licensed. In short, On-Hold is my intention to complete the series at some point. I... just don't know when! ;P Plan to Watch should also be self explanatory, I plan to watch the series.

In the most awesome news of the day, GAME OF THRONES IS ON TONIGHT!!! WOOOOO! Omg, I'm so excited. I get to see my bby again every week! (^^) Dear me, look at those arms. Too bad Kit probably let himself go after Pompeii, not that I can blame him. Keeping up physical fitness like that takes a lot of work and considering Lord knows how many hours a day he works... I'd probably say, "Fuck that" to exercise, too. Anyway, I'm (pleasantly) digressing.

If you're on Google+, please let me know as I've made up a Circle to live post Game of Thrones later tonight. Since I don't want to spoil people on Tumblr or Twitter, G+ is the best option since no one outside of the circle will see anything I write except those in the circle, :D. So, if you want into the Circle, let me know and I'll add you. Here is my profile, feel free to Circle me, but let me know either there or here that you added me so I can put you in the proper Circle(s).

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