Apr. 12th, 2014

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I wasn't sure, at first, how much I would like Nisekoi given the premise:
As a child, Raku Ichijo made a secret promise with his childhood sweetheart, keeping a pendant as a memento while his love took the key. He dreams of one day meeting his past love, but years later, reality smashes his hopes when Chitoge Kirisaki accidentally knees him in the face. Though Raku's a normal high schooler, his family heads the notorious yakuza gang the Shuei-Gumi faction. And he's dragged into family affairs when he's forced into a relationship with Chitoge, the daughter of a rival gang's boss.

-- ANN
It seems kind of ridiculous and I was right, but so far it's been in a balanced sort of way. There's plenty of angst, which I love, but it's countered entertainingly with the comedy. I have to admit, though, at the beginning I wasn't so sure this would keep my interest. Anime that runs more toward comedy tends to not keep my interest very long. I don't know how else to explain it other than the fact that it gets annoying? (^_^); But, so far, I am enjoying the series even though I've only watched two episodes make that three episodes now.

Plan For Saturday (Added)
Since I'm not sure what's going on with my RPs during the day, I think I'll make sure to clean the bathroom and treat myself to more episodes of Nisekoi.

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