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Random, but to this day I still have no idea where the "plox" for "plz" and all it's variants came about. Ahem, anyway! More crochet progress photos:

Pattern: Easy Scarf | Hook: J (Clover) | Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream (19983 Renegade)

I have to be honest with the scarf above that I'm both happy and not-so-happy with how it's turning out? The jury is still out on whether or not I'm liking the required/suggested hook for the project, but I have a feeling that my leanings of not liking it have to do with the yarn I'm using and the way the hook is made. I also think that the grip Clover makes their hooks with is affecting how I crochet, but I'm afraid to switch to my Boye or Bates H hooks for fear that there will be a drastic narrowing in the work. The scarf starts off as the 6½" in width that the pattern states for the measurements, but measuring it across again just now, the scarf is at 7". I haven't gained stitches so I'm chalking it up knitting too loosely, which nods back to waffling about the idea of switching hooks.

Pattern: Easy Scarf | Hook: H (Boye) | Yarn: Red Heart Soft Prints (9935 Waterscape)

There isn't much to say with this scarf. I haven't had any problems with the hook, yarn, or the work getting bigger or smaller (which leads me to believe the troubles I'm having with the other scarf is a hook/yarn combo). I think the next scarf I make with this pattern, I'll try with one of my H hooks in a solid color because I'd also like to figure out how to count rows (I don't know why that's so elusive to me, but counting rows in crochet seems more difficult vs. knitting) which it's difficult to see with these multi-colored yarns I picked, lol. I suppose the MSU colors I picked for [ profile] mangobaby716 will do the trick.

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Penny Dreadful Musings: s01e07 - Possession [Spoilers!] )

On an unrelated note, now that I figured out that George Blagden (Grantaire from Les Miserables with a wonderful, wonderful voice) is in Vikings, I now have to get all over that series. I wish Netflix would release a streaming version instead of DVDs because it would be easier to stay on top of it that way, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

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Cut to save people from a mini-vent )

Now, in better news, I added more titles to MAL and I wanted to take the time to explain the various sections. Completed and Dropped kind of explain themselves, I think, XD. I either completed watching the series or movie, or I dropped it. On-Hold anime refers to anime that I was watching, but put on hold for one reason or another. At one point I got into watching anime via fansubs while a series was actually airing in Japan versus waiting to see if a series got licensed for here in the States. So, a lot of the time there would be waiting and because of that I'd end up forgetting to complete a series before it got licensed. In short, On-Hold is my intention to complete the series at some point. I... just don't know when! ;P Plan to Watch should also be self explanatory, I plan to watch the series.

In the most awesome news of the day, GAME OF THRONES IS ON TONIGHT!!! WOOOOO! Omg, I'm so excited. I get to see my bby again every week! (^^) Dear me, look at those arms. Too bad Kit probably let himself go after Pompeii, not that I can blame him. Keeping up physical fitness like that takes a lot of work and considering Lord knows how many hours a day he works... I'd probably say, "Fuck that" to exercise, too. Anyway, I'm (pleasantly) digressing.

If you're on Google+, please let me know as I've made up a Circle to live post Game of Thrones later tonight. Since I don't want to spoil people on Tumblr or Twitter, G+ is the best option since no one outside of the circle will see anything I write except those in the circle, :D. So, if you want into the Circle, let me know and I'll add you. Here is my profile, feel free to Circle me, but let me know either there or here that you added me so I can put you in the proper Circle(s).
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Just a few Pixlr collages I did with the most recent magazine/editoral spreads. These were originally posted to Tumblr. Images come from Aaron Johnson Source > Bullet Magazine > Esquire UK.

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Yes, the obsession with Aaron Johnson continues. It's further enabled by all the picspam on Tumblr, but honestly my favorite Aaron blog on that site is The Scattered Ramblings of a P.Y.T. Dear God, the things she says about some of the guys she fangirls over. It is hilarious and I love it all (but I'm biased toward all the Aaron ones, of course :P). Today, she posted something just as awesome about the current state of his hair (which I kind of have to agree with her but let's face it--the color will grow out). I suspect that the blonde hair is due to his current project, which is Anna Karenina, where he's listed as Count Vronsky on IMDb. But, I'm not 100% on that in regard to his blonde hair, but hey, it's a reasonable theory, yes?

On a completely unrelated note, I finally have my Scrapbook worked out. It doesn't look like a centered, nasty mess anymore and I'll be adding real photographs I've taken instead of all the junk I find on the Intertubes. XD If you could check out all the galleries (or most of them), I would be interested in your opinions on the scheme and whatnot (I tried editing it to match my current LJ layout).

Lastly, a few people know that I've recently gotten heavily into Mumford & Sons, a British folk band. Either yesterday or the day before they were in Montreal or Toronto to do a show and I only wish it had been in Windsor and I knew about it because I would have begged, pleaded, done questionable favors for tickets and see them live. But, the real reason I'm talking about them is because I got to thinking how much I like their live version of White Blank Page. My friend Lindsey got me into them when she sent me a zip of a playlist she had (she needed me to double check that all the songs played) and the first time I really paid attention to White Blank Page, I bawled my eyes out for nearly 30 minutes because I kept listening to it on repeat. That's how moving the song was to me when I first heard it and I got hooked. Their stuff is awesome and if you don't believe me, look them up on YouTube. I don't think you'll be disappointed :).

Getting back to the song ... at first, I did not like the live version, but now I've grown to prefer the live version over the studio version. There's just something about the harmonizing on the live version that makes White Blank Page better, IMO. But, you can judge for yourself:

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No MoreFor the studio version, click here.
For the live version, click here.
Enjoy ;P.

Please let me know if the DL links aren't working so I can fix them :).
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Seriously you all. I'm am DEAD. October can't come fast enough!

Since the embed is not working for some strange reason, here is the link.
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As I'm sure a lot of you may have noticed, I've been very active on Tumblr lately. Well, I follow a lot of people that make animated gifs and I have wanted to do that myself for a while and recently found a way to do so! After a lot of frustration and, I think, hard work I finally made my first animated gif! I hope you like it. :D


Graphic heavy under the cut

Also, #5 (second to last) sometimes gets cut off. If it looks really short in length to you, just hit refresh OR head on over to my scrapbook and click Fun with GIMP to see all my manipulations and gifs.
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--gets on her soapbox & takes a deep breath--

Ok. I've said this before and I'll say it again. You all need to calm yo fuckin' titties about Aaron Johnson and his fiance or wife or whatever, Sam Taylor-Wood. Yes, they had a baby last year. Yes, she's older than him, but it seems to work for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, right? What's the big deal? Is it the fact that he's 21 and she happens to be in her 40s? Again, I ask, what's the big deal? He's a good father (that we know of) to her 12 and 3 year old, plus the new little one. So, one more time . . . what's the big deal? They seem to be in a stable relationship so I say let them be together of they love each other (which they clearly do if they've made a baby together) if they want to be together.

Do I really need to remind people that not that long ago (yes, 150 years in American history is not that long ago), women were marrying men twice their age and popping kids out before the age of 20? Get off your high horse, get over the fact that he's taken, that he didn't choose you, and stop hating him and judging the both of them for the consensual choice they made like the adults they are.

--gets off her soapbox & back to her every day life--
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So, I just saw something on Tumblr about Kick-Ass and Nicholas Cage. Apparently, to the blogger, Kick-Ass was Cage's best performance.

. . . What? o_o;

This leads me to conclude that the person has never seen him in Face/Off or 8mm because THOSE were performances, honey. Windtalkers? Performance. Lord of War? Performance. Kick-Ass? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, he performed well, but his best performance? No, I'm sorry, but no. I'm far more impressed with his other work than I was in Kick-Ass.
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So . . . I haven't posted in somewhat of a while. I'll remedy that by posting a mini-gifspam.

If you're not into slash (a male/male pairing), I would advise you to not click the cut.

clicky clicky! )

Aaron Johnson is just . . . ugh. ♥
Original gifs by Nurse Jack
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i really, honest to god, don't know i feel about this new movie that alex pettyfer has supposedly signed on to do called magic mike. don't get me wrong, i don't mind seeing alex shirtless and all, but . . . i don't know, it's just a little too much alex for me to handle, i think. lol

ugh. i hope my tummy has settled down. :S lol i say this as i'm stuffing my face with munchies cheese fix. --shakes her head at herself-- i'm such a masochist. XD

well . . . i had other stuff to say, but my tummy had me sufficiently distracted that i've forgotten what i wanted to write about. oh well! as my mom likes to say, it couldn't have been too important, lol.

oh! now i remember. LMAO i was going to write about some of my fandoms! :3

i have to say that i'm pretty frustrated with netflix's selection of askars movies, or lack there of. if you're a fan at all, you've probably been here and seen the screen caps section. there is one movie of alexander's that i find really interesting and really want to see, sadly and frustratingly, netflix does not have exit. aside from the two obvious facts that askars hair just makes me want to comb my fingers through it and let's face it, he always looks fantastic in a suit, the movie looks/sounds really fun to watch based on the clips from the video section.

speaking of askars some more . . . i have, surprisingly, found his other hbo series, generation kill pretty interesting as well. i'm almost finished with it; just waiting for netflix to send me the last disc and i'm sure i'll end up reading the book the mini-series was based on, too. XD if you can ignore some of the really, really bad language and derogatory remarks, it's kind of fascinating to watch all these marines interact and react to each other.

ok, so. moving on to . . .

the mentalist
  • i came across this article regarding the mentalist and, shamefully, i kind of have to agree with the author. the mentalist this season has kind of lost it's oomph! and it's really starting to look that patrick just doesn't really care anymore about what he's doing. i think the best episode to give as an example is the recent episode of "redacted," spoiler alert! ) he's getting careless and i'm just concerned about the direction of where this character is heading.

  • i can almost never say anything bad about supernatural and this time is no different. all the new episodes have been great and i am so looking forward to the season finale! i was really excited and glad to finally find out who pulled sam out of lucifer's cage and the most recent episode was really interesting to see almost entirely from castiel's perspective. this last episode set up everything very nicely for the finale, i can't wait! ^^

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