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First thing's first: thateringirl > [personal profile] booksyarntea . The former will redirect to the latter. It was time for a change since, in most cases, I haven't used the username ~thateringirl in a while in most places that require such things. Also, the new username reflects more of my interests that I post about (at least lately lol).

Secondly, obviously I'm still alive. Obviously I still can't commit to, and consistently post to, a singular journal, lol. But I think I've warned of this enough that no one should be surprised?

Thirdly, since my last post, I've started a pretty big project (for me) based on this chevron/ripple pattern (you can see my progress on it on Instagram in the last four photos). I didn't work much on it over the summer as I lost interest/got bored with it, but in the mean time I did work on a few short and sweet projects and I'm working on another scarf for someone I know through a scrapbook camp weekend thing.

Lastly, a finished yarnbending project put under a cut so I'm not stretching/messing up F-lists on InsaneJournal. )


Mar. 10th, 2015 07:06 pm
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I haz a crochet project to show off:

Not much else has happened in actual RL events. I've been RPing somewhat? consistently over on IJ. This Friday I'm super excited about the Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo exhibit we're going to at the DIA and NEXT weekend, is Scrapbook/Crafting Camp. YAY~ I'm gonna be crocheting up a storm. <3
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It's taken me a really long time to see the pattern, but now I see it. When the months start getting colder, I start getting a little more down in the dumps. This usually impacts my motivation to do things like writing—My RPG over at InsaneJournal took a real hit from all of us the last few months—but, despite that and the lack of motivation, I did try to keep up with my crocheting. Still, I did not get all my gifts done and there are still ones that are not finished. I'm trying to alternate between fun stuff that I just want to try and the scarves I'm working on as gifts. Currently, I'm working on an infinity cowl/scarf based on this pattern, with a minor addition of my own: Click for image )

Christmas 2014 )

And that's pretty much the significant events of late. XD
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So, it's been a little while since my last post, but my excuse for that is my aunt totally took us by surprise the week of Thanksgiving and randomly showed up on our doorstep! Apparently she'd been on the east coast for a nursing conference and decided to go visiting various friends and family on her way back. Since I hadn't seen her in a while, it was nice to have her around for feasting! (^^)

My previously mentioned meet-up went very well! My mom and I and my friend and her boyfriend found Casey's Tavern easily, although parking was a problem (I'm not even kidding on this, the parking lot was crazy and small lol). The portions, however, were HUGE at this place so mom and I shared a Reuben and it was quite tasty for, ya know, something with sauerkraut on it, XP (Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the stuff lol). We spent a good two hours chatting, having fun, and Lourdes LOVED the coaster set I made her (I also made one for her boyfriend in U of M colors, lol). By the end, I was kind of sorry to see them go. The only downside was we were not in downtown Ann Arbor proper, so I apologize to [personal profile] wyldbutterflies—we could not see the cute faerie doors. :\

In Yarnbending updates, I finally finished the blue/earthy-toned scarf on Thanksgiving. Details can be found here if you want to know them. It measures approx. 76" long and 6" wide (about a half-inch off from the pattern, which I think it okay considering it's my first pattern I'm going off of!). One thing I need to note is that I didn't quite use two whole skeins of the listed yarn as I had used some of one skein for practice and for another tiny project. I'm definitely going to get more of that colorway if I can, though. It's so beautiful and I want to try a coaster set with it, XD. Maybe this pattern? Other Yarnbenders, what do you think? In terms of meeting the width for the scarf on another one I'm making off that pattern, I'm having more success meeting that requirement with the green/earthy-toned one. I'm concerned, however, with that scarf that I might end up going a bit too wide? Oh well, I do have 4 skeins of that colorway and I can go down a hook size for the next one. XD Still got a lot of projects to work on, although for my sanity, the scarves are all the same pattern so that'll be easy on me at least!
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Have I told anyone how much I love Hark! A Vagrant and don't read it nearly enough? No? Ok, well it's true.

Ravelry is a black hole. It sucks me in with patterns, patterns, and more patterns. But, who am I kidding? Crochet has me way more interested than knitting ever did so I'm excited to find this stuff and add it to my library. I think I'm going to do this Easy Scarf pattern for most of my Christmas requests and this Eliza Scarf pattern for [ profile] themplusme. Speaking of which, I've made her two cute cozies for her Kindle Paperwhite! They aren't 100% done yet, though. I just need to find appropriate buttons and make the fastening straps for them:
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So, it's been ages since I posted anything and unlike previous times where I've fallen off the journaling radar, I'm not going to make the empty of promise of trying to post more here. I'll post when I post and that's that. So, stuff that's happened since I last posted...

In early-to-mid July, my mom injured herself in our garage yet again. About five-to-six years ago she tripped and fell and fractured her back. Last year she did the same thing again. This year she stumbled and broke her foot. So most of my summer was spent helping and driving her everywhere and it totally fucked with my sleep schedule since I spend most of my nights up and sleep until Noon. When you have a parental unit that gets up at 7 or 8am... You're not getting much sleep when you're hitting the sack anywhere between the times of 3 or 6am. When she didn't have appointments, it was ok cuz it meant I could sleep until I woke up on my own, but when she did... omg. :| I was so glad when her September foot appointment came around and she was finally free to drive herself! Lol

Due to be chauffeur for all that time, plus the Beck 'n Call Girl, I couldn't really sit down and focus the creative things I wanted to do such as jewelry and crocheting. I'm the type that has to be all in on projects or my attention will easily divert to something else so when your creative juices keep getting interrupted, it's difficult to stay on task. I have not made nearly as much jewelry as I've hoped to by now and it's also effected my motivation to crochet (although I did pick it back up again today). However, that's mostly due to the fact that I got frustrated trying to make this phone cozy and not making it to my satisfaction (one end turned out bigger than the other most of the time). I don't know, maybe my expectations were too high or I tackled the project too soon. For now, while I get myself re-situated with crochet again, I'm just going to make two rectangles and stitch them together for the cozy I promised a friend I'd make for her Kindle Paperwhite. To keep practicing, I think maybe crocheted scarfs are in order for family and friends this year! XP

Something else I've been wanting to write about is a productivity tool called HabitRPG. I've tried things like Wunderlist (which is a nice tool, don't get me wrong) and other stuff, but HabitRPG has kept me more productive and on task (most of the time) than the other things I've tried. I think the incentives of either rewards of my own choosing or the equipment for my avatar with the gold I earn really helps me keep on task. Lately, however, I've been feeling under-motivated to do much of anything (I just think it's the time of year, tbh) but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Speaking of productivity...

I'm 7 out of 12 books in my Reading Challenge! Considering I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to do this since 2012, I think that my progress thus far is pretty damn good, :D. And, I'm going to try my darnedest to put a good dent into RPWriMo this year, too.
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I posted this originally to my CDJ, but haven't gotten a response so I thought I'd try my luck here:
Anyone who follows or participates in a comm that is fanfic-centered, what are usually the posting requirements (ie, info that needs to be included when posting/linking fic)?
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Game of Thrones Theme, Covered by Dan Newbie )

Happy, Covered by Dan Newbie )


May. 9th, 2014 10:12 pm
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I have not been a very good blogger as of late. To be honest, though, there just hasn't been a whole lot to write about. As I previously said, I'm very routine and don't really have much to say about that--There is only so many times you can write, "did more RPing today" before that gets boring.

This week has been rather "blah" in terms of, well... everything, but I attribute that mostly to Mother Nature dropping by for her monthly visit, :\. I've been terribly unmotivated or only partially motivated to do anything and I feel very guilty about that with regard to my writing partners. I'm sure I'll be back to normal over the course of the weekend, :).

While in Ohio, I asked my aunt to teach me how to crochet, so I've sort been working on that, but haven't made a lot of progress. Although, I will say this, crocheting is a bit easier to understand than knitting and I'm sure once I muddle through learning the single crochet I'll be on my way to doing something! I'm kind of excited about that, but I'm also a bit frustrated because I don't think I'm doing something right. I guess I should probably take some time to sit down and watch some videos on YouTube. My aunt and I did find one while I was visiting and an online friend recommended some more, so we'll see I guess! :)

I still need to photograph the jewelry I made back in March and I'm going to make that happen this weekend, despite the fact it'll be partly cloudy all weekend. There is a ton of scrapbook paper in this house--I'll think of something!

On a completely unrelated note, I'm pretty sure this abandoned German amusement park was part of the setting for Hanna.
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Anime in The Queue
I'm pretty sure that I've just spent the last... three or four hours adding anime and downloading fansubs to watch. Of course, I could be exaggerating slightly cuz I don't really remember when I started adding more to my lists. XD Honestly, though, I'm not regretting the action! In fact, it kind of makes me feel happy to be downloading subs again and getting excited about watching anime. It's been so long that is strangely feels like coming home? That's weird, right? ;P What's in my "queue" is listed to the right.
→ Akuma no Riddle
→ Ao no Exorcist
→ Black Bullet
→ Jormungand
→ Log Horizon
→ Nisekoi
→ Nobunaga The Fool
→ Samurai Flamenco
→ Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
→ Uraboku
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Cut to save people from a mini-vent )

Now, in better news, I added more titles to MAL and I wanted to take the time to explain the various sections. Completed and Dropped kind of explain themselves, I think, XD. I either completed watching the series or movie, or I dropped it. On-Hold anime refers to anime that I was watching, but put on hold for one reason or another. At one point I got into watching anime via fansubs while a series was actually airing in Japan versus waiting to see if a series got licensed for here in the States. So, a lot of the time there would be waiting and because of that I'd end up forgetting to complete a series before it got licensed. In short, On-Hold is my intention to complete the series at some point. I... just don't know when! ;P Plan to Watch should also be self explanatory, I plan to watch the series.

In the most awesome news of the day, GAME OF THRONES IS ON TONIGHT!!! WOOOOO! Omg, I'm so excited. I get to see my bby again every week! (^^) Dear me, look at those arms. Too bad Kit probably let himself go after Pompeii, not that I can blame him. Keeping up physical fitness like that takes a lot of work and considering Lord knows how many hours a day he works... I'd probably say, "Fuck that" to exercise, too. Anyway, I'm (pleasantly) digressing.

If you're on Google+, please let me know as I've made up a Circle to live post Game of Thrones later tonight. Since I don't want to spoil people on Tumblr or Twitter, G+ is the best option since no one outside of the circle will see anything I write except those in the circle, :D. So, if you want into the Circle, let me know and I'll add you. Here is my profile, feel free to Circle me, but let me know either there or here that you added me so I can put you in the proper Circle(s).
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.... But the customer service and movie-going experience was terrible. I can legit say that since the time I've been going to movies, I've had cause to complain once about a terrible movie-going experience and that happened when I was kid. It's kind of hard to enjoy your movie when it literally tears and breaks during the showing. As a child, I cried. Today, I did not cry but it is incredibly frustrating to have your enjoyment of a movie get interrupted--twice!--by the picture and sound cutting out. At the beginning just before the previews, the audience was subjected to the AMC Ritz cracker-esque character thingy 6 - 8 times before the picture decided to move on to the actual previews only to have the screen flash green several times and go black. It was a great thing there was no one epileptic in the audience cuz then there would a serious problem on the theaters hands, but I digress.

So, we're subjected to a long stretch of black nothingness before the picture finally comes back and plays the previews. Everything's great now, previews have been played, the movie is playing. I get to see Henry Cavill sport a sexy Man Beard and show off his Extremely Attractive and Sweaty Torso at one point and I'll be honest. I've always been a Batman girl, but sweet Jesus, Cavill has really tempted me to start considering picking up a Superman comicbook one of these days. And I know, I'm objectifying him and shit, but come on... he's really attractive, okay? Let's not forget how he looks in the uniform and the awesome ass-kicking he was doing... until the picture gets interrupted again!

This time, the screen goes black with no warning but the sound is still playing so the bestie and I are like, "OMG NOOOOO, WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MOVIE!?" So, at this point, I need to add that when this interruption of the picture first occurred, one or two members of the audience got up to go, I imagine, complain. This time? A TON of people got up to go complain--and rightfully so!--but the bestie and I stubbornly stayed in our seats because, damn it! We paid $10.25 to see this movie and we were going to see it to the end unless the staff was going to kick us out for technical difficulties. By this time, both picture and sound had been lost but eventually returned in time to see that Superman had saved a bunch of people. Cuz Superman is cool like that, even if AMC was not today and you can bet your ass the bestie and I complained and ended up getting a guest pass for our next movie-going experience.
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Before I start on this post, I must warn anyone that does not respect or tolerate same-sex couples, transgender persons, etc. If this is not your cup of tea, I really suggest you move on. While I've respectfully put my reaction under a cut, if you click it and are offended that is not my fault.

Read more... )

Most of my day was spent at the doctor's office with my mom and then the hospital getting pre-op stuff done. An EKG was done at her doctors and it came back abnormal so for the next 24 hours my mom has to wear some kind of monitor and on Thursday some sort of Echo has to be done. We sort of had a scare regarding this when scheduling it because this Friday is mom's surgery and, at first, the hospital could only schedule it for next week. If we could not get it this week then she wouldn't be able to have her surgery for a while because the doctor/surgeon would be unavailable until sometime in June due to a vacation. Thankfully, however, the lady we spoke with was able to get her manager to approve a scheduling this Thursday. The downside, for me at least, is the appointment is at 8am XD.
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so, i was going to pull my reading challenge page from my tumblr to here, but... that didn't quite work since, for some strange reason, no matter what box was last it would completely bork the whole entry. i'll add it, eventually, but i'll need to completely write it from scratch. this entry may or may not be a placeholder for the future. right now, i'm just not sure if i want to expend the energy to do it considering this whole week will probably be very busy for me in regard to my mother.

those of you just joining my crazy ride and well, just everyone that subscribes to me since i did not really inform anyone here--well [personal profile] randombastary might be aware since we follow each other on facebook--about... three weeks ago now this thursday, my mom tripped and fell in our garage. the result, since she's getting on in years and has osteopenia (i think i spelled that correctly?), is a fractured, compressed vertebrae (T11, specifically). however, the good news is that she is having surgery this friday. the procedure is called kypoplasty (kyphoplasty? i hope i spelled that correctly, too! XD) and basically involves two minor incisions, the insertion of tubes, the blowing up of balloons, and the injection of surgical cement. in short, once she wakes up, she'll be pain-free! \o/
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lately i feel that when i talk to certain people i do nothing but complain and i worry that i've become a Negative Nancy. granted, a lot of these complaints are related to role-play and rpgs and when you've got a group of people together in a creative setting, creative differences will always rear it's head. it's inevitable. i don't know, i think somewhere along the way i unknowingly got elitist or i finally got tired of all the little quirks of the group i had RP'd with for over 10 years. then again, there is also the possibility that my interests changed in what i wanted to RP versus what the rest of the group wanted to RP. i could also just be making excuses. whatever the reason, i feel like i've become a Complainer and a Negative Nancy and that i'm bringing people down. in essence, this is how i've been feeling and that by writing it i can try not to be so negative?

apparently my reading challenge widget does not update on it's own (lamesauce!) so i finally updated it. but, um... i'm like 6 books behind. XD


Feb. 6th, 2013 03:07 pm
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 So, I haven't posted in forever but I think we've established that I go through phases of where I post a lot of shit and then tend to hibernate when it comes to blogging. Yes? Yes. Be that as it may, I've got stuff on my mind that extends beyond a mere 140 characters and such.

Ripper Street -- I was, admittedly, both extremely excited and extremely reluctant to get into this show at first. The excitement came from it strictly being another Victorian set universe to watch every week and let's face it, who's not a little bit fascinated with the during and after of Jack the Ripper? It's very, very interesting to see just how much the Ripper influenced crime after his disappearance. Every extremely grotesque or brutal crime, they police and the populace of Whitechapel would freak out that he was back, or in the case of the one crazy bloke, the criminals wanted to do more than even Jack did and leave their names down in history. But, speaking of Whitechapel...

Whitechapel -- Does anyone know if this is coming back to BBC America? If so, another series on the network that I always look forward to. Aaaand, it may or may not be due to the attractive male lead. *shifty eyes* What? Don't judge me!

Copper -- Keeping up with the somewhat Victorian themed post so far, filming of series 2 started this week and that makes me mucho excited for the summer. I can't wait to see my Corky back on my TV screen in new episodes (for the time being I am tiding myself over with the Blu-ray of series 1 and watching Ripper Street) later this year! X3 I'm also glad to say that my reluctance to watch Ripper Street, btw, was pleasantly booted aside since I was afraid the two shows would be very similar, but after seeing a few of the episodes I'm relieved to say they aren't. I was also afraid I might end up liking Ripper Street more, but Copper I find to be the better show and I hope it keeps delivering whatever it is that makes so awesome in the new season.

Spies of Warsaw -- BBC America has been cleverly throwing commercials out for this since the tail-end up summer last year and I have to admit that I'm really intrigued! Plus, what's not to like with David Tennant in it? XP

Well, that's that. Over and out! *salutes*
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I'm posting this screencap because it's completely relevant to this post from earlier. Plus, it's 3 Doors Down, what's not to like? But, I must direct your attention to the Top Comments when you click on the image. It's totally priceless. Then you can jump down and watch the awesome music video and probably rock out. ;)


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