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First thing's first: thateringirl > [personal profile] booksyarntea . The former will redirect to the latter. It was time for a change since, in most cases, I haven't used the username ~thateringirl in a while in most places that require such things. Also, the new username reflects more of my interests that I post about (at least lately lol).

Secondly, obviously I'm still alive. Obviously I still can't commit to, and consistently post to, a singular journal, lol. But I think I've warned of this enough that no one should be surprised?

Thirdly, since my last post, I've started a pretty big project (for me) based on this chevron/ripple pattern (you can see my progress on it on Instagram in the last four photos). I didn't work much on it over the summer as I lost interest/got bored with it, but in the mean time I did work on a few short and sweet projects and I'm working on another scarf for someone I know through a scrapbook camp weekend thing.

Lastly, a finished yarnbending project put under a cut so I'm not stretching/messing up F-lists on InsaneJournal. )
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It's taken me a really long time to see the pattern, but now I see it. When the months start getting colder, I start getting a little more down in the dumps. This usually impacts my motivation to do things like writing—My RPG over at InsaneJournal took a real hit from all of us the last few months—but, despite that and the lack of motivation, I did try to keep up with my crocheting. Still, I did not get all my gifts done and there are still ones that are not finished. I'm trying to alternate between fun stuff that I just want to try and the scarves I'm working on as gifts. Currently, I'm working on an infinity cowl/scarf based on this pattern, with a minor addition of my own: Click for image )

Christmas 2014 )

And that's pretty much the significant events of late. XD
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So, it's been a little while since my last post, but my excuse for that is my aunt totally took us by surprise the week of Thanksgiving and randomly showed up on our doorstep! Apparently she'd been on the east coast for a nursing conference and decided to go visiting various friends and family on her way back. Since I hadn't seen her in a while, it was nice to have her around for feasting! (^^)

My previously mentioned meet-up went very well! My mom and I and my friend and her boyfriend found Casey's Tavern easily, although parking was a problem (I'm not even kidding on this, the parking lot was crazy and small lol). The portions, however, were HUGE at this place so mom and I shared a Reuben and it was quite tasty for, ya know, something with sauerkraut on it, XP (Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the stuff lol). We spent a good two hours chatting, having fun, and Lourdes LOVED the coaster set I made her (I also made one for her boyfriend in U of M colors, lol). By the end, I was kind of sorry to see them go. The only downside was we were not in downtown Ann Arbor proper, so I apologize to [personal profile] wyldbutterflies—we could not see the cute faerie doors. :\

In Yarnbending updates, I finally finished the blue/earthy-toned scarf on Thanksgiving. Details can be found here if you want to know them. It measures approx. 76" long and 6" wide (about a half-inch off from the pattern, which I think it okay considering it's my first pattern I'm going off of!). One thing I need to note is that I didn't quite use two whole skeins of the listed yarn as I had used some of one skein for practice and for another tiny project. I'm definitely going to get more of that colorway if I can, though. It's so beautiful and I want to try a coaster set with it, XD. Maybe this pattern? Other Yarnbenders, what do you think? In terms of meeting the width for the scarf on another one I'm making off that pattern, I'm having more success meeting that requirement with the green/earthy-toned one. I'm concerned, however, with that scarf that I might end up going a bit too wide? Oh well, I do have 4 skeins of that colorway and I can go down a hook size for the next one. XD Still got a lot of projects to work on, although for my sanity, the scarves are all the same pattern so that'll be easy on me at least!
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Random, but to this day I still have no idea where the "plox" for "plz" and all it's variants came about. Ahem, anyway! More crochet progress photos:

Pattern: Easy Scarf | Hook: J (Clover) | Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream (19983 Renegade)

I have to be honest with the scarf above that I'm both happy and not-so-happy with how it's turning out? The jury is still out on whether or not I'm liking the required/suggested hook for the project, but I have a feeling that my leanings of not liking it have to do with the yarn I'm using and the way the hook is made. I also think that the grip Clover makes their hooks with is affecting how I crochet, but I'm afraid to switch to my Boye or Bates H hooks for fear that there will be a drastic narrowing in the work. The scarf starts off as the 6½" in width that the pattern states for the measurements, but measuring it across again just now, the scarf is at 7". I haven't gained stitches so I'm chalking it up knitting too loosely, which nods back to waffling about the idea of switching hooks.

Pattern: Easy Scarf | Hook: H (Boye) | Yarn: Red Heart Soft Prints (9935 Waterscape)

There isn't much to say with this scarf. I haven't had any problems with the hook, yarn, or the work getting bigger or smaller (which leads me to believe the troubles I'm having with the other scarf is a hook/yarn combo). I think the next scarf I make with this pattern, I'll try with one of my H hooks in a solid color because I'd also like to figure out how to count rows (I don't know why that's so elusive to me, but counting rows in crochet seems more difficult vs. knitting) which it's difficult to see with these multi-colored yarns I picked, lol. I suppose the MSU colors I picked for [ profile] mangobaby716 will do the trick.

Cut for non-crochet stuff. )
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My first completed scarf! I (hopefully) left enough yarn to put some fringe on it. If not, it's still a nice scarf as-is. :D I'm really super proud of this one and love how it turned out.

This one is from a pattern booklet by Coats & Clark titled Easy Scarf. I'm still in the beginning stages, but so far I think it's turning out nicely! Note — I am not using the recommended hook for this project. The primary reason I'm just using what I have is, well, just that. Currently an H hook is all I have at the moment. Before Halloween weekend came and I got this sore throat, I had intended to head over to Jo-Ann's to pick up the proper hook (and yarn lol) but Life got in the way. I guess we'll see how this scarf turns out regardless!
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Have I told anyone how much I love Hark! A Vagrant and don't read it nearly enough? No? Ok, well it's true.

Ravelry is a black hole. It sucks me in with patterns, patterns, and more patterns. But, who am I kidding? Crochet has me way more interested than knitting ever did so I'm excited to find this stuff and add it to my library. I think I'm going to do this Easy Scarf pattern for most of my Christmas requests and this Eliza Scarf pattern for [ profile] themplusme. Speaking of which, I've made her two cute cozies for her Kindle Paperwhite! They aren't 100% done yet, though. I just need to find appropriate buttons and make the fastening straps for them:
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And now I've moved on to the Double Crochet...I actually think the square turned out WAY better than the ones I was doing with the Single. Ya know, minimal curling and all that.
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Well, I personally think I've improved quite a lot in a small period? I don't know, maybe I haven't and I'm just deluding myself! XD But, I think between Practice #1 and Practice #2, there is improvement. Between the two, you can see where I'm dropping/losing stitches and I think I know where I went wrong because I'm at ~same point and it's much more even/"square."

Single Crochet, Practice #1
I also think that after shopping at Jo-Ann's today and getting different yarn and hook, it was easier to work with the materials below than what I was using above. Maybe it's just me, but I swear that even though both hooks are the same size (H), they are different! But, perhaps I'm just crazy. XP What do you think? Ahehehe...

Single Crochet, Practice #2(Coaster & Dish Towel Project)

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